Instagram Photo Downloader

Download Photos from Instagram


Instagram is a huge contributor of social media category. Thousands of people post daily their media, pictures on their profile. Instagram contain large amount of interesting posts and photos on daily basis.

A lot of insta user allows their picture to download for public facility. If you are an Insta enthusiast and want to download Instagram photos, you are reading a perfect article. Here we have described all about Instagram picture downloading method.

Snap Instagram is now offering very easy, simple and unlimited downloads for free. For downloading, you are not bound to use any additional tool. You can easy download it on your android, IPhone and computer. It is very easy by just pasting a link and downloading.

How to Save Instagram Photo using Snapinstagram.Net

Snap insta is latest technology which is offering free unlimited downloads. Please follow the described method and enjoy.

  1. Open the Instagram and go to your favourite post.
  2. Click on share button and get the link copied of that post.
  3. Paste the link in given section and Click on the download button.
  4. Snap insta special tool will show you the result. Just download it in your phone storage.

Note : If you are an IPhone user , Instagram only works with the iPhone above IPhone 6s. For downloading from IPhone the method is downloading is little bit changed. On IPhone you can get the link of your favourite photo by clicking on 3 dots above that Instagram Post. Get the link of that post and download it via above given method.


What is Insta Photo Downloader?

Snap Insta is a tool which offers you free Instagram Photo downloading. It allows you store the media in your personal device.

Can It download Private Photos?

No, Snap Insta only saves the content which is shown to the public.

Does It Requires Instagram Login?

No, Snap insta Don’t requires any additional software and Instagram Login for downloading.

Can we download it on computer?

Yes, Snap Instagram is also offering the media storage in the computer as well.

Can we Download on IPhone?

Yes, Snapinsta also allows you the download on IPhone. It works with IPhone model above 6S.

Where the Media will be stored in my device?

Usually Instagram Videos downloading get stored in the download section of your device.